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The Flagship

The Toyota GT86 formally known as the Scion FRS has become the flagship tuner car of this generation. With a endless amount of aftermarket support, the GT86 can be modified 100 different ways. We have here a brand new GT86 that’s in the beginning stages of its build as two of its most crucial modifications gets installed. We start with a set of front and rear Brembo big brake kits that will most definitely stop the GT86 without even flinching. The Brembo kit features a 6 piston front caliper with 355mm two piece rotor. In the rear is a 4 piston caliper with a 345mm two piece rotor. Surrounding the entire brake setup is a set of forged monoblock Volk TE37SL’s in dash white. The lightweight wheels are wrapped in a set of sticky Advan AD08’s to provide maximum grip. This project is off to a great start so stay tuned to see what the next upgrades will be.


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