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The Next N-Largo

The next Novitec N-Largo is here and we're all for it. After having first hand experience with the 812 N-Largo kit, we have no doubts that this F8 Tributo kit is going to be just as amazing. This time around the N-Largo kit widens the car by just over five inches! The team are Novitec take the term widebody very seriously when they design their kits. The N-Largo package includes a front bumper, fiber front lip, rear bumper, front fenders, and rear quarter panels. the entire kit is made front carbon fiber to ensure the F8 Tributo stays as light as possible. Along with the kit, Novitec does offers a plethora of additional carbon fiber parts ranging from side mirrors, engine cover, rear view camera camera, trunk spoiler, diffuser fins and more.

Novitec has made sure that this F8 Tributo isn't all show and no go. They have developed two different power kits which bring the horsepower to 802hp at 7950rpm or 796hp at 8000rpm. The power kits consists of two exhaust options made from Iconel. The difference between the two would be one has a muffler and is catted, and the other is a full on race pipe. Lastly, Novitec knows that these cars need to be driven so they have engineered a set of lowering springs and coupled it with their hydraulic adjustment kit. This will allow the front end to be raised a total of 40mm to avoid any potential damage to the front due to speed bumps, steep driveway entrances, or road debris.

If you have any questions about this N-Largo package, don't hesitate to give us a call at 604-279-5563 and one of sales specialists will gladly assist you.


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