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The Right Fit

One new car that we definitely wanted to bring to the Luxury Supercar Weekend show this year was the Rolls Royce Cullinan. As the newest luxury SUV on the block we knew we couldn't just leave it stock for such an important weekend. A few measurements later we had a set of monoblock forged PUR RS37.V2's cut for the Cullinan. Engineered in a twenty four inch application, the wheels were finished our favourite two tone combination of brilliant silver and gloss black. The wheels were paired with a set of Pirelli Scorpion Zero tires designed to withstand the load rating per corner of the Cullinan. With the factory floating Rolls Royce center caps installed, it gives the wheels a nice OEM-like touch that makes you wish it came like this from the factory.

Wheels PUR RS37.V2 | Gloss Brilliant Silver Face | Gloss Black Window


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