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The Startech Model 3

This past year we have seen an influx of Tesla Model 3's on the road. Rightfully so as they are one of the best electric compact sedans you can get these days. The only downfall is that sometimes in a crowded parking lot you cant distinguish your car from the next. Well the tuning house known as Startech has come up with a full exterior upgrade package the will certainly make sure your Model 3 doesn't blend right in anymore. You can pick and choose which parts you would like to add to your Model 3 but for the full experience, the entire kit includes a front bumper, side flaps, rear bumper, rear spoiler, painted exterior chrome elements, painted exterior door handles, lowering springs, and 20" Monostart M wheels. Have a look at the photos below to truly appreciate how great this Startech kit looks on the Model 3.


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