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The Successor

Taking over the throne from the Ferrari 458 is its successor, the Ferrari 488. We have been waiting for the day that we would be able to work on one, and that day has come. This Ferrari 488 has received the full Novitec treatment starting with a carbon fiber front lip and rear lip spoiler. The front lip extends the lines of the bumper creating a sharper appearance. The entire exhaust system was replaced with Novitec’s N-Tronic exhaust system that provides a unparalleled sound that is sure to make a statement. For the suspension and wheels we installed a set of Novitec lowering springs to achieve the desired ride height and finished it off with a set of PUR RS25’s. The wheels measure to a staggered 21/22″ fitment and feature a gloss lumiere grey face and gloss black windows.

Wheels PUR RS25 | 21×9 | 22×12 | Gloss Lumiere Grey Face | Gloss Black Windows

Suspension Novitec Lowering Springs

Exterior Novitec Carbon Fiber Front Lip Novitec Carbon Fiber Rear Lip Spoiler

Performance Novitec N-Tronic Exhaust System


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