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The Tributo

We always aim for the best fitment possible when it comes to installing aftermarket wheels. Our goal is to leave no millimeter untouched to make the wheels fit perfectly without compromising any drivability. Our wheel of choice for this Ferrari F8 Tributo was the Novitec NF9. As we've installed quite a few Novitec wheels in the past, we knew the quality and finish would be top notch. As with most other Ferrari's, the sizing came down to a staggered fitment of 21x9 and 22x12. Following the golden rule of vehicle modification, we could not let this F8 Tributo drive off with its new wheels without getting lowered. Back to Novitec again, we went with their sport spring which gave the F8 the perfect drop. Nothing too outlandish, but just enough to make a difference in performance and aesthetics.

If you have any questions on the parts or pricing, give us a call at 604-279-5563


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