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The Wire

Over the past 25 years in business we have mounted some of the best and most unique aftermarket wheels in the industry. With the said, today was a first for us as we came face to face with a brand new set of Dayton wire mesh wheels. These were ordered for a special Ford Mustang fox body restoration project that has been ongoing in the background. One day soon, we'll post an official reveal but the best hint we can give right now is "Menace II Society". Back to the wheels though, as this was the first time we've seen how intricate and detailed a set of Dayton wire wheels are in person. The wires, center mounting plate, and main lock have been plated in 24carat gold for an unparalleled finish. Behind the wires the signature Dayton logo has been engraved on the mounting plate. A very subtle additional that you would not notice until you get up close and personal with the wheel. For now, enjoy the photos below and check our Youtube channel to see the official reveal coming soon.


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