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By now we're used to seeing the Mercedes G Wagon, however it's not everyday you see a G Wagon in this fantastic colour. A truly unique tone that looks both bright and dark at the same time depending on the lighting situation. The idea of this car was to keep it relatively simple with only key additions to make it personalized. We started by installing the Brabus front lip that was perfectly paint matched by Fastrack Autobody. The Brabus lip isnt over styled or out of place, it is designed so well that it should be a factory option in our opinion. With the front lip on, we moved onto the wheels and tires. A set of twenty three inch PUR LX33's were engineered for the G Wagon. The faces were polished and finished with matte black diamond. The outer lips and inner barrels were both finished in matte black and the entire wheel was assembled with stainless steel hardware. The wheel finish played off the same tones as the exterior while giving it a subtle contrast between the shades.

If you're interested in any of the modifications you see here, give us a call at 604-279-5563.

Wheels PUR LX33 | 23x10.5 | Polish w/matte black diamond face, matte black outer, matte black inner, stainless steel hardware

Exterior Brabus front lip


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