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Triple Threat

Titanium, carbon fiber, and forged aluminum all rolled into one glorious package for this brand new Mclaren 570S. Without going over the top, the idea was to keep the modifications on this Mclaren 570S simple with just enough changes to call it personalized.

We started off by installing the IPE (Innotech Performance) titanium exhaust system. To our amazement the 570S was fairly easy to work on as there was plenty of room above and below the car to remove the exhaust without taking off the rear bumper. While the car was still on the hoist, we mounted a set of forged monoblock PUR 4OUR's in gloss black. This set was designed to accept the factory Mclaren center cap for that OEM touch. From there, we finished up the exhaust by re-installing the factory diffuser and bolting on the new black chrome IPE exhaust tips.

With our job completed, we sent the car over to Fastrack Autobody to install the Novitec carbon fiber parts. A beautifully crafted carbon fiber rear wing was installed. Rather than your traditional flat surface wing, Novitec has created this wing to follow the contours of the 570S, which provides that OEM feeling without screaming aftermarket. Along with the rear wing, a Novitec carbon fiber front lip was installed. Subtle to the untrained eye, as it rest in the middle of the bumper to just give you a peek of carbon fiber. A very tasteful way of adding carbon fiber to the exterior.

For more information on any of these parts, give us a call at 604-279-5563.

Wheels PUR 4OUR | Gloss black

Exterior Novitec carbon fiber front lip

Novitec carbon fiber rear wing

Performance Innotech Performance titanium exhaust system


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