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Tundra Whine

It's been a full week of projects and we're excited to dive deep into this Toyota Tundra TRD Pro. On the board is a complete Magnuson supercharger kit. Magnuson included a very thorough instruction manual which definitely made our task just that much easier. The install was fairly straight forward as we focused on removing all the factory parts such as the intake manifold, fuel rail, intake, throttle body...etc. With all those parts removed we could visualize how the new supercharger would fit into place. The Magnuson supercharger included an inspection tag which indicator the psi, minutes tested, and the tech/date of the test. The new injectors and spark plugs were a breeze to install, except for the smell of fuel lingering around the shop. As the super charger resides closer to the firewall, a engine hoist was required to ensure it was installed properly without damaging any parts. Again, the highly thorough installation instructions made it very clear where and how to install each component. Enough talking on our part, check out the photos below to see the installation.


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