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Underneath The E63S

When it comes to turbo charged Mercedes engines the quickest way to increase your horse power is with a ECU flash tune. Add that with a catless downpipe and you have a recipe for some tire screeching goodness. Today we have a 2020 Mercedes E63S up on our hoist for a Renntech blow off valve adapter, Frequency Intelligent catless downpipes, and a Renntech ECU+ upgrade. Starting with the blow off valve adaptors, they went in with ease. Releasing to the atmosphere, the adaptors are a brilliant way to ensure you get rid of the excessive boost pressure that isn't used. The downpipes on a regular car is fairly easy to gain access to but for the E63S, it requires removing more than just the exhaust. As the downpipes sit above everything under the car, the transmission, drive shaft, and exhaust system have to be removed to gain access. Check out the photos below.


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