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By now most of you have seen the youtube video on this Mansory Audi RS6 Avant. If you haven't well check out the link here. Today is different because we are proud to release the official images of this RS6 with it's brand new wheels. We always say that wheels can make or break a car, and this set of PUR RS50's really make the car. This brand new design is fresh off the cutting room floor, and was made specifically to debut on this car. The wheels measure to an aggressive 22x11 all around and feature a brush w/ gloss lumiere grey finish. While we were installing the wheels, we also lowered the RS6 with a set of basics lowering links. The ride height is absolutely perfect as it still allows just enough wheel travel without risking any contact between the body and the tires. We're almost at the final stage of this project, so stay tuned to the blog and our youtube page for more updates.

PUR RS50 | 22x11 | Brush w/gloss lumiere grey


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