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We're a quarter way into 2019 and it's definitely been a great year so far. This Bugatti Veyron Sang Noir is a highlight that we're not soon to forget, and we hope you won't either. When it came to the drawing board, we decided it would be best to stick with a lightweight monoblock wheel design for the Veyron. Furthermore, we wanted to incorporate one of the newer designs in the PUR Wheels collection, and that's how the PUR RS36 was selected. The semi directional design offered a modern sporty appeal that looked right at home on the Veyron. With the Veyron being partially wrapped in matte white, we went with the same theme for the wheels to avoid any color clasing between the exterior, interior, and calipers. After everything was all said and done, the Veyron looked absolutely breathtaking.

Wheels PUR RS36 | Matte White


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