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Welcome To Vancouver

The time has come. The Bugatti Veyron has landed. Fresh off its flight from London, this Veyron crosses international waters to claim its home in Vancouver. The moment the TFX trailer rolled past the train tracks in front of our shop, we went running with cameras in hand. The car that we had only ever seen in photos was finally right in front of us. The two tone purple and cream combination was even more gorgeous in person. Before we could begin to dive into all the details of this Veyron, we snapped a few quick photos with all it's delivery tags and paperwork. It was like cutting a tag off a new piece of clothing and getting ready to wear it for the first time. Shortly after taking our photos, we moved on to removing the PPF on the front fenders. Normally we would leave the PPF intact but this particular PPF was split into two sections on each fender so that was a no fly for us. After the PPF was removed, the Veyron was nestled into the corner of our showroom awaiting for the arrival of summer.


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